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Gene symbol Entrez ID Intervention Effect on wound healing
Fga 14161 Knockout Altered pattern of epithelial cell migration and increased epithelial hyperplasia; granulation tissue failed to adequately close the wound gap, resulting in persistent open wounds or partially covered sinus tracts; reduced tensile strength
Fgf2 14173 Knockout Delayed wound healing
Fgfr1 14182 Knockout Delayed wound healing; impaired wound contraction and a delay in re-epithelialization
Fgfr1op2 675026 Overexpression Accelerated wound closure; limited granulation tissue formation
Fgfr2 14183 Knockout Delayed reepithelialization; abnormalities in the hair follicles; dermal hyperthickening
Fgfr2 14183 Knockout Delayed wound healing and re-epithelialization; impaired wound contraction
Fhl2 14200 Knockout Impaired collagen contraction and cell migration; reduced expression of α-SMA
Flii 100044937 Knockout; antibody treatment Intradermal injection of Flii-neutralizing antibodies to burn wounds improved their healing; Knockout: TGF-beta1 protein and gene expression were reduced while aTGF-beta3 was elevated; decreased anti-α-SMA
Flna 192176 Knockout Delayed wound healing
Fmod 14264 Knockout Delayed wound closure and significantly increased scar size
Fn1 14268 Mutation Abnormal wound healing
Fntb 639541 Knockout Delayed wound healing
Foxo1 56458 Knockout Accelerated wound healing with enhanced keratinocyte migration; reduced granulation tissue formation; decreased collagen density; attenuated inflammatory response (only in heterozygous knockout)
Foxo3 56484 Knockout Accelerated wound healing
Fpr1 14293 Double Knockout Delayed wound healing in double KO; no effect in single KO
Fpr2 14289 Double Knockout Delayed wound healing in double KO; no effect in single KO
Fst 14313 Knockout Delayed wound healing; reduced granulation tissue formation; reduction in wound breaking strength; smaller scar area
Gja1 14609 Knockout Accelerated wound closure
Gjb3 14620 Mutation Accelerated wound healing
Gpr39 71111 Knockout Delayed wound healing during the intermediate stage
Grhl3 230824 Knockout Deficient wound repair and defective skin barrier function
H2-Eb1 14969 Knockout Impaired wound collagen deposition and breaking strength; diminished mitogen-reactivity of splenic T-cells
Has1 15116 Overexpression Promotion of dermal regeneration; decreased inflammatory response; recapitulation of fetal extracellular matrix HMW-HA content
Hbegf 15200 Knockout Impaired wound closure
Hdc 15186 Knockout; overexpression Knockout: Delayed wound healing; Overexpression: accelerated wound healing
Hgf 15234 Overexpression Increased granulation tissue with marked vascularization
Hif1a 15251 Knockout Accelerated wound closure and re-epithelialization
Hif1a 15251 Knockout Impaired wound closure and revascularization of ischemic tissue
Hmmr 15366 Knockout Aberrant granulation tissue; defective activation of fibroblast migration/differentiation
Hmox1 15368 Knockout; overexpression; inhibitor administration Inhibition and knockout: delayed wound closure; Overexpression: accelerated wound closure and improved neovascularization
Hmox2 15369 Knockout Delayed wound closure; reduced collagen deposition and vessel density
Hoxa3 15400 Overexpression Acceleration of diabetic wound closure
Hoxb13 15408 Knockout; overexpression Enhanced wound healing and high levels of hyaluronan; reduced long-term scarring
Hoxd3 15434 Overexpression Acceleration of diabetic wound closure
Hpse 15442 Antibody treatment Improved wound healing
Hspb1 15507 Knockout Delayed wound healing; reduced re-epithelialisation and collagen deposition; increased inflammation; augmented neutrophil infiltration in wounds
Hspg2 15530 Knockout Delayed wound healing and defective angiogenesis
Icam1 15894 Knockout Delayed wound healing
Icos 54167 Knockout Delayed wound healing, especially at early times; suppressed keratinocyte migration, angiogenesis and granulation tissue formation; diminished T-cell, macrophage and neutrophil infiltration; Marked suppression of cytokine expression in wounds, especially the Th2 cytokines interleukin (IL)-4; IL-6; and IL-10
Icosl 50723 Knockout Delayed wound healing, especially at early times; suppressed keratinocyte migration, angiogenesis and granulation tissue formation; diminished T-cell, macrophage and neutrophil infiltration; Marked suppression of cytokine expression in wounds, especially the Th2 cytokines interleukin (IL)-4; IL-6; and IL-10
Ido1 15930 Knockout; inhibitor administration Accelerated wound healing; Inhibitor administration accelerated wound healing in WT mice
Ifng 15978 Knockout Accelerated wound healing; rapid granulation tissue formation; enhanced angiogenesis
Igf1 16000 Overexpression Accelerated wound healing; increased proliferation and migration of keratinocytes
Il10 16153 Knockout Accelerated wound healing; accelerated re-epithelialization and enhanced contraction of the wound tissue
Il15 16168 Overexpression Accelerated wound healing
Il1r1 16177 Knockout Improved restoration of normal skin architecture with lower levels of collagen in wounds
Il1rn 16181 Knockout Attenuated collagen deposition and delayed neovascularization; exaggerated neutrophil recruitment with augmented expression of IL-1s, TNF-alpha, and CXC chemokines (MIP-2 and KC)
Il22 50929 Knockout Defects in the dermal compartment after wounding
Il33 77125 Protein administration Accelerated wound healing with enhanced re-epithelialization
Il4 16189 Double Knockout Poor scar histology and increased inflammation
Il5 16191 Knockout; overexpression IL-5 overexpression vs. knockout: delayed wound healing with impaired re-epithelialization; delay in collagen deposition; increase in inflammatory cell infiltration; altered inflammatory response
Il6 16193 Knockout Delayed wound healing; minimal epithelial bridge formation; decreased inflammation, and granulation tissue formation
Il6ra 16194 Knockout; antibody treatment Attenuates the delayed wound healing phenotype of IL6 knockout
Ilk 621824 Knockout Delayed wound closure; decrease in cellular proliferation and loss of HGF protein expression
Inhba 16323 Overexpression Enhanced granulation tissue formation; premature induction of fibronectin and tenascin-C; thickening of the epidermis; increased spinous cell layer; disorganized epidermal architecture
Itch 16396 Knockout Accelerated wound healing with a delay in epithelial remodeling
Itga11 319480 Knockout Reduced granulation tissue formation and impaired wound contraction; dermal fibroblasts are unable to efficiently convert to myofibroblasts, resulting in scar tissue with compromised tensile strength
Itga3 16400 Knockout Impaired wound healing
Itga9 104099 Knockout Thinner migrating epithelium; reduction in the number of proliferating epidermal keratinocytes
Itgam 16409 Knockout Delayed wound healing
Itgb1 16412 Knockout Impaired wound healing
Itgb2 16414 Knockout Impaired wound healing
Itgb3 16416 Knockout Accelerated wound healing and re-epithelialization
Itgb6 16420 Knockout Delayed wound healing; the most significant delay was observed at the stages where granulation tissue deposition was occurring
Jun 16476 Knockout Defects in epidermal wound healing
Junb 16477 Knockout Delayed tissue remodelling; pronounced epidermal hyperproliferation after treatment with the phorbol ester 12-O-decanoyl-phorbol-13-acetate; disturbed differentiation; prolonged inflammation
Kit 16590 Antibody treatment Reduced mast cell accumulation at the edge of healing wounds
Kl 16591 Knockout Delayed wound closure; reduced collagen deposition in the wounds; Phenotypic similarities with aged skin
Klf10 21847 Knockout Lower wound breaking strength
Klf10 21847 Knockout Delay in wound closure; impaired wound contraction, granulation tissue formation, collagen synthesis, and reepithelialization
Klf4 16600 Knockout Delayed wound healing; decreased stem cell-enriched population
Klf4 16600 Knockout Delayed wound healing; decreased accumulation of Myeloid-derived suppressor cells and fibrocytes
Klk8 259277 Knockout Delayed wound healing; defective keratinocyte proliferation, differentiation, and migration in the early stages of wound healing
Krt6a 16687 Knockout Delay in re-epithelialization only from the hair follicle; healing of wounds was not impaired
Krt76 77055 Knockout Impaired wound healing; neonatal skin flaking; hyperpigmentation, inflammation, and death prior to 12 weeks of age
Lep 16846 Knockout; protein administration; antibody treatment Knockout: Delayed wound healing; mild diabetic phenotype; systemically and topically supplemented leptin improved re-epithelialization of wounds in knockout mice; topically supplemented leptin accelerated normal wound-healing
Lgals1 16852 Knockout Delayed wound healing
Lgals3bp 19039 Knockout Delayed wound healing; reduced collagen expression
Lgals7 16858 Knockout Reduced reepithelialization potential; defect in cell migration
Lpp 210126 Knockout Reduced embryonic fibroblast migration
Lsp1 16985 Knockout Accelerated wound healing and re-epithelialization; increased collagen synthesis and angiogenesis
Lum 17022 Knockout Delayed wound healing; increase in inflammatory macrophages; delayed response of the expression of TGF-β1, type I collagen α1 and fibronectin
Map3k1 26401 siRNA knockdown Delayed wound closure; impaired activation of Jun NH2-terminal kinases, induction of plasminogen activator inhibitor (PAI)-1, and restoration of cell-cell junctions of the wounded epidermis
Map3k5 675366 Knockout Retardation of wounding-induced hair regrowth
Map3k7 666611 Knockout Impaired wound healing; decreased collagen deposition, α-SMA and CCN2 expression
Mapkapk2 17164 Knockout Higher level of acanthosis of the migrating wound keratinocyte layer; higher level of collagen deposition in the granulation tissue
Med1 19014 Knockout Accelerated wound closure and re-epithelialization
Met 17295 Knockout Keratinocytes were unable to contribute to re-epithelialization; wound closure was slightly attenuated, but occurred exclusively by a few (5%) keratinocytes that had escaped recombination
Mfap2 17150 Knockout Altered wound healing response
Mfge8 17304 Knockout Delayed wound healing; reduced myofibroblast and vessel numbers
Mgat5 107895 Overexpression Accelerated wound healing
Mif 100040259 Knockout Delayed wound healing
Mir155 387173 Knockout Accelerated wound closure; elevated numbers of macrophages
Mir21a 387140 Overexpression; antagonist andministration Overexpression of miR-21: stronger wound contraction; antagomiR administration: delay of wound closure with impaired collagen deposition
Mmp13 17386 Knockout Delayed wound healing
Mmp1a 83995 Mutation Delayed wound healing (in mice expressing the human gene in the epidermis)
Mmp3 17392 Knockout Wounds failed to contract and healed more slowly
Mmp8 17394 Knockout Impaired wound healing
Mmp9 17395 Knockout Delayed wound healing; defect in keratinocyte migration
Mrc2 17534 Knockout Delayed re-epithelialization; altered stiffness of the scar tissue; no difference in total collagen content of the wounds

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