Browse Mus musculus genes (319)

Gene symbol Entrez ID Intervention Effect on wound healing
Tlr9 81897 Knockout Delayed wound healing
Tnf 21926 Knockout Promotion of granulation tissue formation and delayed re-epithelialization
Tnfrsf1a 21937 Knockout Accelerated wound healing; enhanced angiogenesis and collagen content; accelerated re-epithelialization with increased gene expression of TGF-beta1, CTGF, VEGF, Flt-1, and Flk-1
Tnfsf14 50930 Knockout Impaired wound healing with characteristics of nonchronic and chronic ulcers
Tnxb 81877 Knockout Reduced breaking strength of unwounded skin; after wounding, scars do not progress beyond the mechanical strength of uninjured skin; no obvious differences in the rate of wound closure
Tpm3 236479 Deletion of exon Accelerated wound healing; increased cell migration
Trp53 22059 Mutation Delayed wound closure
Trpc6 22068 Knockout Impaired wound healing
Tsc1 64930 Knockout Accelerated wound healing
Tsk2 109631 Knockout Delayed wound healing
Vangl2 93840 Knockout; Double Knockout Defective wound repair
Vav1 22324 Knockout Delayed wound healing
Vav3 57257 Knockout Delayed wound healing
Vegfa 22339 Overexpression; inhibitor administration Promotion of lymphangiogenesis; systemic blockade of VEGFR-2 prevented lymphatic vessel formation
Vegfa 22339 Overexpression Rapid wound closure
Vegfa 22339 Protein administration Improved wound healing by locally up-regulating growth factors important for tissue repair and by systemically mobilizing bone marrow-derived cells
Vim 22352 Knockout Delayed wound contraction, migration of fibroblasts into the wound site, and appearance of myofibroblasts at the wound site
Vtn 22370 Knockout Delayed wound healing; extensive areas of delayed hemorrhage near the sprouting tips of microvessels between days 7 and 14
Wfdc1 67866 Knockout Accelerated wound closure; elevated deposition of osteopontin and macrophage recruitment

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