Knockout; antagonist administration of Agtr1a in Mus musculus

Gene symbol Agtr1a
Gene name Angiotensin II Receptor, Type 1A
Gene entrez ID 11607
Gene aliases AT1, AT2R1, AGTR1A, AT2R1A, HAT1R, AG2S, AT2R1B, AT1B
Organism House mouse, Mus musculus (@AnAge)
Interactions Protein-protein interaction partners (@BioGRID)

Gene symbol AGTR1
HUGO gene ID 336
Gene entrez ID 185
Genecards AGTR1

Intervention Knockout; antagonist administration
Genetic background C57BL/6
Wound model Full-Thickness Excisional Punch
Wound Dimensions 8 mm ⌀
Wound Location Dorsum
Effect on skin wound healing Suppressed wound healing and angiogenesis; delayed wound healing after antagonist administration
References Yahata et al. 2006
Kurosaka et al. 2009

Contact: Vadim E. Fraifeld, MD, PhD
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