Knockout of Col7a1 in Mus musculus

Gene symbol Col7a1
Gene name Collagen, Type Vii, Alpha 1
Gene entrez ID 12836
Gene aliases 0
Organism House mouse, Mus musculus (@AnAge)
Interactions Protein-protein interaction partners (@BioGRID)

Gene symbol COL7A1
HUGO gene ID 2214
Gene entrez ID 1294
Genecards COL7A1

Intervention Knockout
Genetic background B6.Cg-Tg5Amc/J
Wound model Full-Thickness Excisional Punch
Wound Dimensions 6 mm ⌀
Wound Location Dorsum
Effect on skin wound healing Defects in dermal fibroblast migration and cytokine production in the granulation tissue; perturbation of laminin-332 organization during wound healing; strictly polarized expression of integrin α6β4 in basal keratinocytes
References Nyström et al. 2013

Contact: Vadim E. Fraifeld, MD, PhD
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