siRNA treatment of Eif3e in Mus musculus

Gene symbol Eif3e
Gene name Eukaryotic Translation Initiation Factor 3, Subunit E
Gene entrez ID 16341
Gene aliases eIF3-p48, eIF3e
Organism House mouse, Mus musculus (@AnAge)
Interactions Protein-protein interaction partners (@BioGRID)

Gene symbol EIF3E
HUGO gene ID 3277
Gene entrez ID 3646
Genecards EIF3E

Intervention siRNA treatment
Genetic background C57BL/KsJ
Wound model Full-Thickness Excisional Punch
Wound Dimensions 6 mm ⌀
Wound Location Dorsum
Effect on skin wound healing Accelerated wound closure; promoted neoangiogenesis in the area surrounding the injury, including in genetically diabetic mice
References Chen et al. 2010

Contact: Vadim E. Fraifeld, MD, PhD
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