Antibody treatment, protein administration of Tgfb2 in Rattus norvegicus

Gene symbol Tgfb2
Gene name Transforming Growth Factor, Beta 2
Gene entrez ID 81809
Gene aliases 0
Organism Norway rat, Rattus norvegicus (@AnAge)
Interactions Protein-protein interaction partners (@BioGRID)

Gene symbol TGFB2
HUGO gene ID 11768
Gene entrez ID 7042
Genecards TGFB2

Intervention Antibody treatment, protein administration
Genetic background Sprague-Dawley
Wound model Full-Thickness Incision
Wound Dimensions 1 cm^2
Wound Location Dorsum
Effect on skin wound healing Neutralising TGF-beta 2 alone had no effect; combined with TGF-beta 1, it reduced the monocyte and macrophage profile, neovascularisation, fibronectin, collagen III and collagen I deposition in the early stages of wound healing; markedly improved the architecture of the neodermis to resemble that of normal dermis and reduced scarring; by contrast, wounds treated with either TGF-beta 1 or with TGF-beta 2 had more extracellular matrix deposition in the early stages of wound healing but did not differ from control wounds in the final quality of scarring
References Shah et al. 1995

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