local depletion by ionized agarose gel of APCS in Sus scrofa domesticus

Gene symbol APCS
Gene name amyloid P component, serum
Gene entrez ID 396921
Gene aliases SAP, PTX2, MGC88159
Organism Wild boar, Sus scrofa domesticus (@AnAge)
Interactions Protein-protein interaction partners (@BioGRID)

Gene symbol APCS
HUGO gene ID 584
Gene entrez ID 325
Genecards APCS

Intervention local depletion by ionized agarose gel
Genetic background Yorkshire
Wound model Partial-Thickness wounds (Rectangular Electrokeratome)
Wound Dimensions 10mm×7mm×0.5mm
Wound Location Dorsum
Effect on skin wound healing Accelerated wound healing
References Gomer et al. 2009

Contact: Vadim E. Fraifeld, MD, PhD
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