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What is TiRe?

TiRe (Tissue Repair) is a curated, publicly available database currently containing an extensive collection of skin wound healing-associated genes established in in vivo studies, both in model organisms (mouse, rat, swine) and in humans.

Why is it important?

Wound healing represents a fundamental biological process. Deviations from regular wound healing could lead to diverse pathological conditions. To date, over 300 genes have been identified as being directly involved in skin wound healing and this number is rapidly increasing. TiRe is a one-station resource which provides researchers and clinicians with data on these genes. This resource is essential for a better understanding of the mechanisms of skin wound healing, designing new experiments, and the development of new therapeutic strategies.

What data is available?

TiRe contains genes established (only via a direct intervention such as knockout/overexpression, etc.) as being involved in skin wound healing, for three model organisms (mouse, rat, swine) and humans. TiRe also provides relevant details on these genes with regard to skin wound healing. For more details, please see: Help - User Guide.

In perspective, TiRe will serve as a platform for a comprehensive compendium on many aspects of wound healing, including other organs, pathologies, in vitro models, gene expression, etc.

We are enthusiastically looking forward to your feedback and suggestions on how to improve the TiRe database and on what additional features could help you with your research!

Contact: Vadim E. Fraifeld, MD, PhD
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