User guide

Searching and browsing

TiRe offers two possibilities for you to navigate through the available species and genes.

To search, you may type keywords or phrases relating to the gene of interest that you wish to find. As a result, a list of genes from the database, together with the associated information on gene involvement in wound healing and repair will be presented. Note that the search is case insensitive.

Browsing can be done by species from the home page - this way you can navigate through each species in order to view the genes for each model organism.

Details on gene of interest

For each gene of interest, you can find detailed info which links the gene to skin wound healing, including the relevant references.

Downloading and using the data off-website

The website allows downloading the entire datasets. This can be done from the Download page.
A build counter and a release date are provided to keep track of different database versions.

Contact: Vadim E. Fraifeld, MD, PhD
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