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Gene symbol Entrez ID Intervention Effect on wound healing
1500015O10Rik 78896 Overexpression Delay in the rate of wound closure at day 1 and day 2 after wounding
Acvr1b 11479 Overexpression of a dominant negative Delayed re-epithelialization
Adam9 11502 Knockout Accelerated re-epithelialization and wound repair
Adamts1 11504 Knockout Delayed wound closure and increased angiogenic response
Adamts1 11504 Knockout Keratinocyte differentiation abnormalities
Adamts5 632263 Knockout Impaired contraction and dermal collagen deposition
Adipoq 11450 Knockout; protein administration Delay in wound closure; impaired keratinocyte proliferation and migration
Adora2a 11540 Knockout; agonist administration Knockout: delayed the course of skin wound healing; agonist: promoted the course of skin wound healing
Adra2a 11551 Knockout Accelerated wound contraction and re-epithelialization
Adra2c 11553 Knockout Accelerated wound contraction and re-epithelialization
Adrb2 11555 Knockout; antagonist administration Promotion of wound repair; increased angiogenesis, dermal fibroblast function and re-epithelialization; no effect on wound inflammation
Aebp1 11568 Knockout Deficient wound healing
Agtr1a 11607 Knockout; antagonist administration Suppressed wound healing and angiogenesis; delayed wound healing after antagonist administration
Ahr 11622 Knockout; antisense silencing Accelerated re-epithelialization; increased keratinocyte migration; increased collagen content in the granulation tissue
Aimp1 13722 Knockout; protein administration Knockout: delayed wound healing; Protein administration: stimulated dermal fibroblast proliferation, collagen production, and wound closure
Akt1 100047666 Knockout Impaired assembly of collagen in skin wounds and around the blood vessels; reduced vascular area and impaired vascular maturation; lower expression of VEGF; no significant difference in migration of fibroblasts into the wound area was observed and the dynamics of wound closure were similar
Alox5 11689 Knockout Accelerated wound healing with an upregulation of heme oxygenase-1 (HO-1)
Angpt1 11600 Overexpression Under nondiabetic conditions, combining Ang1 and VEGF overexpression resulted in accelerated wound closure
Angptl4 57875 Knockout; siRNA knockdown; antibody treatment Delayed wound reepithelialization with impaired keratinocyte migration; diminished integrin-mediated signaling
Angptl6 70726 Knockout Accelerated wound closure; thickened epidermis and a marked increase in proliferating epidermal cells as well as vascular cells
Ankrd1 107765 Knockout Extensive necrosis of ischemic skin flaps and delayed wound closure; decreased contraction and reduced granulation tissue thickness
Anpep 16790 Antibody treatment Accelerated wound closure; increase of collagen deposition and fibroblast contractility in the granulation tissue
Anxa1 16952 Knockout Delayed wound healing; impaired endothelial cell sprouting
Aqp3 11828 Knockout Delayed wound healing
Ar 11835 Knockout Accelerated wound healing; enhanced inflammatory response through a localized increase in TNF-alpha expression; no acceleration in keratinocyte- and fibroblast-specific knockouts
Arhgap1 667205 Knockout Delayed re-epithelialization in the wound edge 4 days after wounding
Arnt 11863 Knockout Deficient infiltration of cells during the early phases of wound healing; neoangiogenic deficiencies alongside a reduction in numbers of proangiogenic progenitor cells from bone marrow and peripheral blood samples
Arnt 11863 Knockdown Delayed wound healing
Arrb2 216869 Knockout Accelerated wound re-epithelialization
Asprv1 67855 Overexpression Delayed wound healing
B4galt1 14595 Knockout Delayed wound healing; reduced re-epithelialization, collagen synthesis, and angiogenesis; impaired recruitment of neutrophils and macrophages
Bcl11b 58208 Knockout Defects in proliferation and migration of keratinocytes during re-epithelialization; Reduced epidermal proliferation; delayed keratinocyte activation; altered cell-cell adhesion and impaired ECM development; Post wounding: lack of E-Cadherin suppression in the migratory tongue; insufficient expression of alpha smooth muscle actin (α-SMA) in the dermis; robust induction of K8; dysregulated expression of several hair follicle (HF) stem cell markers
Bmp6 12161 Overexpression Delayed re-epitheliazation
Bmx 12169 Overexpression Accelerated re-epithelialization and keratinocyte proliferation; chronic inflammation and angiogenesis in the skin
Bub1b 12236 Hypermorphic mutation Delayed wound healing
C1qa 12259 Knockout Defective blood vessel formation
C3 12266 Knockout Accelerated early stages of wound healing; reduction in inflammatory infiltrate; increased accumulation of mast cells and advanced angiogenesis
C5ar1 12273 Knockout Accelerated early stages of wound healing; reduction in inflammatory infiltrate; increased accumulation of mast cells and advanced angiogenesis
Cadm1 54725 Knockout; overexpression Both knockout and overexpression led to a markedly delayed wound healing
Calca 12310 Knockout; antagonist administration Suppressed angiogenesis and wound closure; reduction in expressions of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) in the wound granulation tissues; Antagonist administration (when infused with mini-osmotic pumps) subcutaneously blocked the wound healing processes and reduced the expressions of CD31 and VEGF expression in the wound granulation tissues
Cap2 67252 Knockout Altered wound healing response presumably resulting from reduced levels of α-SMA; decreased macrophage infiltration and slower neovascularization
Car8 676792 Overexpression Induction of neovascularization
Casp1 100044207 Knockout Delayed re-epithelialization, granulation tissue formation, and angiogenesis
Cast 12380 Overexpression Delay in wound healing, particularly in the initial steps; reduced proliferation in the epidermis and delayed re-epithelization; impaired granulation tissue formation; reduction in CD45+ leukocyte infiltrate and in CD31+ blood vessel density; reduction in α-SMA expressing myofibroblasts
Cav1 12389 Knockout Accelerated wound healing; increased NO production; increased MMP-13 nitration
Ccl17 20295 Overexpression Accelerated wound closure; increase in CCR4(+) fibroblasts, CCR4(+) lymphocytes, NGF(+) lymphocytes, and mast cells
Ccl2 20296 Knockout Delayed wound re-epithelialization and angiogenesis; collagen synthesis was impeded with wounds containing significantly less hydroxyproline; no change in the number of wound macrophages
Cd109 235505 Overexpression Hypoxic wounds in both transgenic and wild-type mice increased levels of HIF-1α and delayed wound closure; Hypoxic wounds in transgenic mice decreased collagen type 1 and fibronectin expression and reduced dermal thickness on day 7 post-wounding
Cd151 12476 Knockout Defective wound healing
Cd19 12478 Knockout; overexpression Knockout: delayed wound healing and inhibition in infiltration of neutrophils, macrophages, and cytokine expression; Overexpression: enhanced wound healing and cytokine expression
Cd24a 12484 Knockout; overexpression Knockout: delay in the formation of granulation tissue and wound closure; failure to maintain stitches; Overexpression: improvemment in healing
Cd44 12505 Knockout Decrease in skin elasticity; impaired local inflammatory response and tissue repair; delayed hair regrowth
Cd47 16423 Knockout Accelerated wound closure; increased blood flow; increased fibrosis
Cd9 12527 Knockout Delayed wound healing and defective re-epithelialization
Cdkn1b 12576 Mutation Delayed wound closure by defective regrowth of epithelial cells
Ceacam1 26367 Knockout Delayed re-epithelialization; decreased infiltration of F4/80(+) macrophages; altered inflammatory processes; diminished vascular density of the granulation tissue
Cebpg 12611 siRNA knockdown Impaired wound healing; inhibition of both re-epithelialization and granulation tissue formation; decrease of arteriole number
Celsr1 12614 Knockout Defective embryonic wound repair
Cftr 12638 Knockout Delayed wound healing
Chrm3 12671 Knockout Accelerated epithelialization
Chrm4 12672 Knockout Delayed re-epithelialization
Clec3b 21922 Knockout Delayed wound healing
Clic4 29876 Knockout Delayed re-epithelialization; delayed resolution of inflammation
Cmah 12763 Knockout Delayed wound healing
Col18a1 12822 Knockout; overexpression Overexpression: delayed wound healing; Knockdown: accelerated wound healing and accelerated vascularisation
Col1a1 12842 Mutation Delayed wound healing and re-epithelialization; prolonged early inflammatory response
Col7a1 12836 Knockout Defects in dermal fibroblast migration and cytokine production in the granulation tissue; perturbation of laminin-332 organization during wound healing; strictly polarized expression of integrin α6β4 in basal keratinocytes
Csf2 12981 Knockout; overexpression Knockout: Delayed wound healing; overexpression (in the basal layer of the epidermis): accelerated re-epithelialization
Ctnnb1 12387 Knockout Affected the TGF-beta wound healing response
Ctsg 13035 Knockout Decrease in wound-breaking strength; increase in neutrophil myeloperoxidase activity and influx
Cx3cl1 20312 Knockout; antibody treatment Delayed wound closure; reduced α-SMAand collagen deposition; reduced neovascularization
Cxcl10 100045000 Overexpression Prolonged and disorganized granulation phase with impaired blood vessel formation; intensified inflammatory phase
Cxcl11 56066 Knockout Delayed re-epithelialization; hypercellular and immature dermis noted even after 60 days; provisional matrix components persisted in the dermis, and the mature basement membrane components laminin V and collagen IV were severely diminished
Cxcr2 12765 Knockout Delay in re-epithelialization and decreased neovascularization
Cxcr3 12766 Knockout Thick keratinized scar with a thickening of both the epidermis and dermis; the dermis was disorganized with thick and long collagen fibrils and contained excessive collagen content; Pesented lower tensile/burst strength
Cxxc5 67393 Knockout Accelerated wound healing; enhanced keratin 14 and collagen synthesis
Cyr61 16007 Mutation Exacerbated fibrosis
Dact2 240025 Knockout Accelerated re-epithelialization
Ddr2 18214 Knockout Reduced proliferative response
Dmd 13405 Knockout Accelerated wound closure
Dst 13518 Knockout Delayed wound healing
E2f1 13555 Knockout Delayed re-epithelialization; reduced local inflammatory responses
Edil3 13612 Overexpression Normal wound healing; increased rate of hair regrowth
Edn1 13614 Double overexpression Accelerated wound closure; increased fibrogenesis; excessive scarring
Edn1 13614 Knockout Accelerated wound healing, indicated by earlier granulation tissue reduction and re-epithelialization; bleomycin-injected fibrotic skin showed decreased skin thickness and collagen content
Egfr 13649 Knockout Modified both normal and wound-induced epidermal proliferation
Egln1 112405 Knockout Accelerated wound closure
Egr1 13653 Knockout; overexpression Knockout: Impaired wound healing; overexpression: exuberant tissue repair, with enhanced collagen accumulation and increased tensile strength of incisional wounds
Eif3e 16341 siRNA treatment Accelerated wound closure; promoted neoangiogenesis in the area surrounding the injury, including in genetically diabetic mice
Eng 13805 Knockout Delay in wound healing; keratinocytes at the wound edges exhibited impaired proliferation but were more migratory
Epas1 13819 Knockout Accelerated wound closure; reduced inflammatory response
Epb41 269587 Knockout Defective epidermal wound healing; impaired cell adhesion, spreading, migration and motility in keratinocyts
Epo 13856 Protein administration Single-high-dose treatment accelerated wound epithelialization and induced maturation of newly formed microvascular networks. In contrast, repeated-high-dose impaired the healing process, delayed re-epithelialization with a lack of maturation of microvascular networks
Eppk1 223650 Knockout Rapid wound closure
Ereg 13874 Protein administration Greater epidermal proliferation and thickening
Esr1 13982 various Various
F13a1 74145 Knockout Impaired wound healing
F7 14068 Knockout Defective re-epithelialization and reduced inflammatory cell infiltration
F9 14071 Knockout Impaired wound healing
Fam129b 227737 Knockout Delayed wound healing

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